Captivate customers through talkable brand moments.

Talkable Brand Moment Workshop

Join me, where I believe being just okay is brand decay, engagement that fails to get people talking is the enemy, and a talkable brand moment is the best way to cultivate customers.

Easy to Understand

A workshop needs to have specific steps and guidelines in place. It needs to be easy to understand; so easy in fact that non-business people can fully grasp the idea.

Simple Step by Step System

The second factor is one of a self-evaluating system. When you go through what you’ve created, can you tell very quickly if the elements are well-structured or not?

Quick to Implement

And finally, it needs to be easy to implement. The framework needs to be so simple that the only result is to turn your customers into the word-of-mouth marketing voice for your brand.

3 Steps to Create Your Talkable Brand Moment, Enhance Your Customer Experience


01. | Get Feedback

We begin with questions and answers to determine what makes your brand truly unique. I'll learn a lot about your customers and their brand experience. We'll go forward with an action plan.

02. | Know You're Doing It Right

Let's go deeper to discover your distinguishing traits and essential elements as they relate to your customer's expectation and experience. You'll take away talkable brand moment ideas.

03. | Achieve Winning Results

We'll reach further in with your new found knowledge and examine different aspects for implementing an action plan to achieve winning results.

Investment Cost $997

Payment Plan Available

Let me help you create your talkable brand moment the right way.